Breed of the month competition 

Breed of the Month Competition: Celebrating Canine Diversity, I believe that every dog, regardless of breed or background, is unique and special. Our Breed of the Month competition is a platform designed to celebrate the incredible diversity of dogs and provide each breed with an opportunity to shine, we'll explore the origins of our competition and why we started it, emphasizing our belief that every dog deserves a chance to be showcased.

Why We Started the Breed of the Month Competition:

1. Fostering Understanding and Appreciation:

One of the primary reasons we initiated the Breed of the Month competition is to foster a better understanding and appreciation for the many dog breeds that exist. Each breed has its own set of characteristics, histories, and unique qualities, and by showcasing different breeds each month, we aim to help people learn more about these incredible animals. This understanding can lead to better-informed decisions when it comes to choosing a dog that aligns with an individual or family's lifestyle and needs.

2. Challenging Stereotypes:

Certain dog breeds often face unfair stereotypes and misconceptions. By highlighting a different breed every month, we aim to challenge these stereotypes and shed light on the true nature and potential of each breed. This, in turn, can contribute to the responsible ownership of all dogs and help dispel common myths that can lead to discrimination against specific breeds.

3. Celebrating the Beauty of Diversity:

Each breed has its own unique beauty and charm. The Breed of the Month competition allows us to showcase the stunning array of dogs that grace our planet. It's a celebration of the diversity of breeds, colors, sizes, and personalities that make the dog world so fascinating and wonderful.

How the Competition Works:

Each month, I run a competition for a specific breed of dog, if you have this breed you can enter and give us some fun info about your pup, at the end of each month the winner is chosen based off what dog I think represents this breed the best. The winner receives a FREE 1 hour photoshoot with 2 high quality, edited digital images.


The Breed of the Month competition was born out of a passion for dogs and a belief that every dog deserves the chance to be showcased and celebrated. Through this competition, we aim to break down stereotypes, promote responsible ownership, and celebrate the diverse and beautiful world of dogs. Join us in our mission to shine a light on these incredible animals and appreciate the unique qualities of each breed, one month at a time! 


August breed of the month: Husky.

Dekota is a fun, loving and goofy kind of Husky.

her hobbies include tormenting the cat that shares the same humans as her, eating all things she shouldn’t such as toilet roll and mums sofa cushions, singing (or some might screaming) at the top of her voice and zooming around.

Dekota likes to spend her time soaking in rock pools, sleeping on the sofa because she is too much of a princess to sleep on the floor and listening to her zen YouTube playlist for dogs.

Don’t be fooled by her big dog energy as she is the softest ball of fluff you could ever meet and enjoys nothing more than a cuddle with her humans